Hello and welcome to our page, this is purely to help our local community 'Hindolveston' in this time of need. Working together, keeping the distance asked for by the government and to help those who need it most. We will be selling fresh, homebaked breads and cakes, nothing fancy just tasty.

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Please inform us if you have any allergies

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A Chef With no one to cook for anymore.

Being affected quite early by this ongoing crisis my partner and I thought of how important it is to look after our neighbours and everyone in the village who needs help and support not just for bread and cakes, letting people know that they are not alone, others are here to help. We can all get though this together.

So this is our way  trying to help a little, with 


Today news...

Good afternoon.

I hope everyone who had some, enjoyed the last batch of baking.

I will be baking again, Saturday evening ready for Sunday morning collection.

Get your orders in before midnight Friday  29th


Fresher than the shop

We will be making different types of breads and cakes with whatever ingredients we can get, to create something tasty. So please be aware  most of what we can supply will be advertised on this page in due course. some things may not be ready or sold out when you place your order if this is the case we will contact you by email to amend this. 

For any future orders please can orders be sent to

Orders section below, payment by secure direct bank transfer, or 

Once we have recieved your order, collection and payment details will be emailed to you.

Any orders made without payment recieved will not be baked.


Please Ask, about any Allergies

All breads and cakes will have to be priced, taking into account price of ingredients and cost of electricity. We are not charging for any work that goes into getting all this done.

Any questions please ask


opposite the playing field near the Millennium hall



By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment

Opening times are not displayed as we are not open to visitors or for personal collection.  Anyone using this service in isolation, could arrange delivery with the local community helpers on the LEAFLET posted through villagers doors.

Any other orders can be collected from a collection box outside the premises. This is a good faith service and can only continue to work if we all work together.

All orders will be bagged and labelled  

Many thanks 



Additional Information

Helping yourself and helping each other, I do hope that everyone is hand washing regularly and keeping to the advice set out from our NHS and Government.